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Private Detective

Our company offers financial-financial, legal-banking consulting services, etc. One of the most important areas of activity is that of private investigators, therefore all services are distinguished by freedom of profession. For all these services, we operate with the most competitive prices on the market.

Credit Recovery

Activities related to the administration and/or debt collection, and/or bad liabilities that third parties have towards entities (companies), potentially their clients, collection of loans and/or late payments and/or other liabilities between individuals and companies or any other type of institution, collection of customer account credits.

Judicial Investigations

Activities in legal, economic, financial consultancy services and all types of technical assistance, including online assistance against computer and credit fraud and any type of financial fraud. Debt collection of the customer's account up to the seizure and transfer to the ownership of the company or private parties of the guarantee.


At your disposal 24/7

Investigative Service performs its services within the territory of the Republic of Albania and also abroad by cooperating with other prestigious investigative agencies in European Union. Among other things, our services include:
Environmental control
Finding of debtors
Bankruptcy investigation
Finding individuals
Property investigations
Control for devices
Insurance investigation


A company passionate about what it does

Investigative Service is composed of a staff of professionals in the field of inquiry and investigation.
We serve 24/7 and we are the solution to the problems that arise for citizens, interests groups, businesses, governmental and private institutions, in the territory of the Republic of Albania and also abroad. We operate throughout the territory of the European Union.

Who we are

SH.I.P. Investigations is an investigative agency legally authorized by Tirana Court. We offer a serious and reliable professional service to both private citizens and companies. We help companies with research and commercial information, assessments on curricula, commercial investigations, theft control in the company, management control, debt collection and recovery, asset valuations, tracing debtors, etc. We also conduct private investigations into adultery and cheatings, juvenile and youth surveillance, finding missing persons, etc. We operate throughout the European territory offering a 24/7 service ensuring maximum commitment, professionality and total confidentiality. Meetings, consultations and estimations are free of charge.

Our philosophy

The services of SH.I.P. - Detektivi are aimed at both businesses and private citizens. For businesses, our investigation agency provides consulting for all strategic and operational aspects that improve corporate protection. In fact, to operate competitively at an international level, companies must always keep under control the potential risks deriving from the disclosure of confidential information, episodes of internal and external corporate infidelity or unfair competition. We also help companies with the drafting of geopolitical analyzes that allow to evaluate and manage the risks of new investments in a specific territory. By appointment at our headquarters, you can also submit the case to our trusted lawyer and receive a free consultation.

How we work

Among the most frequent requests for private investigations we find that of adultery and cheating which requires careful monitoring of the partner by a private investigator. In these cases, the detective is called to carry out a series of private investigations to verify that the actual treason happens and in what form it happens, in order to collect evidence for a possible divorce in court. For this reason, if you notice suspicious behavior that makes you believe that your partner may have another relationship, contact SH.I.P., who over time has perfected its investigation methods on these cases and who can guarantee you a serious and professional service, which is carried out with the utmost discretion by our experts.


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