Investigative Service SH.I.P.

At your disposal 24/7

Investigative Service is composed of a staff of professionals in the field of inquiry and investigation. We serve 24/7 and we are the solution to the problems that arise for citizens, interests groups, businesses, governmental and private institutions, in the territory of the Republic of Albania and also abroad. We operate throughout the territory of the European Union.

Throughout the training of professional investigators, we provide our assistance for instruction and information on the investigative service, providing methods of operation for the services, different techniques, modules and knowledge, to allow the opening of an indipendent investigative agency of your own.

We operate and collaborate with International Credit Investigations with headquarters in Rome, Italy, and with its branches in Pristina (Kosovo) and Blagoevgrade (Bulgaria). Collaborating with our agency will make you feel as if your problem became ours until the complete disclosure of what you will ask us to investigate for.

The problem - The solution - Our work

If you call SH.I.P. you will find peace of mind from your problems. Contact us and you will find complete investigative legal advice to confront and solve your problems.

The services we offer and we guarantee for are:

  1. Environmental control (offices, workplaces, vehicles, local and residential)
  2. Searching and finding of debtors (for individuals, companies, etc.)
  3. Business untrust (investigation of incorrect shareholders, collaborators, subordinates and employees)
  4. Bankruptcy investigations (investigations into bankruptcy positions)
  5. Cheating and infidelity (investigations and evidence of cheating and marital infidelity)
  6. Investigation of sexual harassment (of various kinds)
  7. Control of minors (investigations for the control of children and young people)
  8. Searching for and finding of individuals and people of interest (for individuals and companies, missing persons, etc.)
  9. Cadastral information
  10. Real estate investigations
  11. Industrial investigations (industrial espionage, industrial sabotage, etc.)
  12. Insurance investigations (for individuals, businesses and insurance companies)
  13. Civil investigations (research and collection of material evidence in a civil trial)
  14. Criminal investigations (research and collection of material evidence for a criminal trial)
  15. Investigations on various frauds that have happened to you
  16. Graphological competence (various falsifications)
  17. We collaborate with law firms and with experts in legal matters and forensic expertise
  18. Investigations into business and market situations (stock exchange and various)
  19. Investigative consultancy for various problems
  20. Control for devices, technological and digital equipment (telephone, mobile phones, computers, micro-chips, etc.)

The experience gained over many years, our dedication in investigations, the professional updating obtained in numerous training courses in different countries, the great experience in the field of investigation, the new advanced technological equipment in the field of investigation, and much more, give us the opportunity to make our Investigation Agency SH.I.P. reliable to accurately perform all the investigative services above, giving our customers the guarantee, accuracy, privacy and seriousness that they need. SH.I.P. operates in all the sectors of the services mentioned above, guaranteeing the results that our customers are looking for.

Investigative Service performs its services within the territory of the Republic of Albania and also abroad by collaborating with other prestigious investigative agencies in European Union. In Italy we collaborate with the International Credit Investigations (ICI), an investigative agency based in Rome and with operational offices in Bulgaria and Kosovo.

We are always ready with our services to meet the requests of our customers for the resolution of problems that concern them in their daily life.